preserve your memories

4 reasons why a lifestyle photographer is worth the investment

1. Time goes on whether you want to pause it or not.
2. Photos are gifts allowing us to pause time. Over and over we look back and let those memories bathe us in nostalgia.
3. Photographers can capture moments shared between loved ones in ways a "selfie cam" can not. Quality images can preserve your memories for generations to come.
4. Lifestyle photography: you & your loved ones can enjoy authentic interaction, genuine laughter, and have your photos reflect a truer version of real life & love.

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trust the process & just have fun!

Whether you have experience in front of a camera or not, photos should not be stressful! Before the session, there can be nerves. But trust the process! Things may get silly, but we're there to have fun.

fact: I am nerdier than you.

Hi friend, my name is Sarah

I am a mama, wife, photographer + more. Also, the world's biggest Office fan.
It's magical to witness all the love shared between awesome people. But the true reward is witnessing what I call the "session glow up". By simply having fun, even the shyest find their confidence. As an awkward person myself who learned how to "pose" for pictures, I've learned that no matter the level of experience, we can achieve photos that you'll cherish for years to come.

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